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As a full-service Interior Design Firm, Piranha Design can provide everything from the smallest redesign to the largest build. No matter what you’re planning, they’ll be there every step of the way.

Designed Table Lamps


Interior Design Done Right

Every room or building has its own personality, and with a few touch ups and the right Lighting Design Consultation, you can really make it stand out. Piranha Design works with clients throughout the whole process to get the best out of every space.

Space Planning


Tailor-Made Beauty

Sometimes, even a small change can make a huge difference to a troublesome area. This particular service, a Piranha Design specialty, offers the perfect way to bring out the best of any space without having to make any major alterations.



Personalized Attention

Pre-Construction Consultation is one of the services Piranha Design is best known for. For an impressive space that makes an impression, contact Piranha Design to find out what they can bring to your project.



Calming Energy

Just like every snowflake every space has its own unique energy and vibe. This is one of our most popular services as sometimes all a space needs is a little refresh. With a keen sense

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Residential Kitchen


For the busy client that is hands on

Sometimes, clients have great ideas and vision but just don't have enough time to do the shopping for themselves. Let Piranha Design curate a list of items from various collections that will make it as easy as click and purchase. This is our most cost effective way to revamp a space. If you have a good eye and can set up on your own and just need a helping hand give us call.

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Interior Design


Detailed room, office, and home build outs

We work with all budgets to curate pieces that fit your space and will stand the test of time. We have custom workers and installers that can make your space picture perfect. Our packages range from refreshes to full build outs.

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